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Part Of Our Community, Part Of Your Life

Since our beginnings in a small movie theater in 1931, Midcontinent Communications has taken the lead in connecting our region to the world of information and entertainment. Today, we’re still doing the same -- only now we make it happen through broadband Internet, digital and High Definition television, and local and long-distance phone service.


Today, the Northern Plains Network (NPNet™) brings together more than 300,000 customers in 335 communities throughout North Dakota and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Midcontinent is about the people, places and businesses that rely on us, 24/7, all across our cities and small towns.


As always, we remain committed to making this region a great place to live and work. We whole-heartedly support each community, our sports teams, fundraisers, educational and cultural events, social-impact initiatives, and so much more!

From day one, our founders never wanted the Great Plains to be left behind. Thanks to their vision, we never were and we never will be. 


The Midcontinent Foundation was established as an avenue for Midcontinent employees to give back to the communities of which we are a part. Click Here for more information and a Foundation Grant Application Form.


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