MidcoNet Xstream® Wideband

Built for the Way We Live Online.

At up to 200 Mbps, MidcoNet Xstream Wideband is fast! In our region, it's completely unbeatable.


Don't take our word for it...ask PCMag.com.


For the second straight year, PCMag.com has awarded MidcoNet Xstream Wideband the title of Region's Fastest Internet, for the North Central Region.

Yet today’s online experience is about more than speed. It’s about you and everyone in your household doing everything you want online, at the same time. With MidcoNet Xstream® Wideband, you can connect every streaming, blogging, downloading, surfing, gaming, chatting, working, playing, connected device in the house. Up to 100. All at the same time.

Plus, MidcoNet Xstream Wideband includes more email accounts (up to 10) with automatic SPAM and virus protection, more web space than ever (up to 500 MB per email account) and even access to ESPN3. You live more and more of your life online. Don’t rely on the same old Internet to get there…you need MidcoNet Xstream Wideband!

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