Midcontinent Companies to Add Jobs in Fargo

Sioux Falls SD May 24, 2011--- Telecommunications provider Midcontinent Communications has announced they are adding a third call center to their existing field operations building on 22nd Street in West Fargo, ND. Concurrently, Midcontinent’s sister company, Midco Connections, is also expanding to a new location in Fargo. Both companies are based in Sioux Falls and are owned by Midcontinent Media, Inc. Midcontinent Communications currently has call center facilities in Sioux Falls and Aberdeen, SD.

“Due to our continued growth with new customers, new services, and more complex products to support, we are planning to hire additional Technical Support employees,” said Midcontinent’s Director of Customer Care Sunny Nester-Holtz. “We realized that it will be advantageous to add another site to help cover call volume during events such as severe weather, training sessions, meetings, upgrades, promotions, outages and the like.”

According to Nester-Holtz, with the addition of new employees in May, their Sioux Falls facility at 3901 North Louise became nearly full. The company will start with 20 representatives and a manager at the West Fargo site. “We will be able to expand to staff approximately 44 employees at this site,” she said.

Midcontinent has placed and posted employment ads to attract potential candidates. Interviews will be conducted in early June with the goal of a new hire class starting July 6th and “on the phone” by late August.

Staffing Manager Sarah Koustrup said Midcontinent has a lot to offer potential employees. “Not only do we have attractive benefits like free/discounted Midcontinent services -- it’s more than that. It’s our history, our culture and a great workplace that many employees, myself included, find appealing,” Koustrup said.

Midcontinent Communications has 1300 employees and about 90 customer service representatives at locations throughout North and South Dakota and in Minnesota. The company provides cable television, telephone, broadband Internet and cable advertising services for approximately 250,000 residential and business customers throughout the Upper Midwest. Candidates can apply online or call 1.800.888.1300 for more information.

Midco Connections specializes in serving clients in the catalog and e-commerce industries and provides call center services for pharmaceutical, legal and financial markets. In a press statement last week, they announced the addition of a second site in Fargo that will house up to 150 workstations with a 3+ year strategy of employing up to 300 staff members. The company has been in Sioux Falls for 30 years and employs about 400 people in a 25,000-square-foot facility at 4901 East 26th Street. Visit Midco Connections for employment opportunies.


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