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Make a Payment

Step 1a

Note:  Having trouble viewing or paying your bill online?  Try disabling your pop-up blocker.


Pay a Single Bill

Make a single payment by clicking the "Pay Bill" button next to the invoice that you’d like to make a payment on.

Figure 1a  MyMidco Online Bill Pay: Pay Single Bill


Step 1b

Pay Multiple Bills

Or, if you’d like to pay multiple bills at the same time, select the checkbox in front of the bills you’d like to pay, and click the "Pay Selected" button.

Figure 1b  MyMidco Online Bill Pay: Pay Multiple Bills


Step 2

Complete the Payment Form
You will be asked to choose from a Payment Account. If you do not have a Payment Account already set up, please click the "Add/Edit Payment Account" link.

Figure 2  MyMidco Online Bill Pay: Select a Payment Account


Step 3

Add a Payment Account 
To add a Payment Account, click "Add Bank Account" (Or Credit Card), fill out the form, and then click "Pay Bill" to complete the payment process.

Figure 3  MyMidco Online Bill Pay: Add a Payment Account


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