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Wireless Setup - Amazon Kindle Fire

  1. Have your wireless network name, or SSID, and wireless network key available. Both items are available through MyMidco by signing in and clicking on the Wireless Modem Network Key icon
  2. Tap Quick Settings icon (top right hand corner of Home screen)
  3. Tap Wi-Fi
  4. Ensure Wireless Network is set to ON - if not, tap ON to enable it
    • A list of networks will appear. It may take a moment for the Kindle Fire to detect networks in range. If networks don't appear, tap OFF then ON next to Wireless Networking to refresh the list. 
  5. Tap the wireless network name (SSID) you would like to join
    Tip: When viewing Kindle Fire in landscape (horizontal) view, you may need to scroll through the list of available networks, using your finger to swipe through the list
  6. Enter the wireless network key, or password, and tap Connect
    Tip: Tap the 123!? key to enter numbers or symbols.

    Tap the ABC key to return to the regular keyboard.

    Tap the Shift key (up arrow) for uppercase letters.
  7. Once connected, tap the Home icon in the lower left corner to return to the home screen

Note: Once connected to a wireless network, Kindle Fire automatically connects to it again whenever that network is in range. If more than one previously used network is in range, your Kindle Fire automatically connects to the most recently used network.

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