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Wireless Setup - Vizio Smart TV

  1. Have your wireless network name, or SSID, and wireless network key available. Both items are available through MyMidco by signing in and clicking on the Wireless Modem Network Key icon
  2. Confirm TV is powered on
  3. Press Menu on the TV remote control
  4. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Network
  5. Press the OK button
  6. Network Connections will show available wireless networks
  7. Use up and down arrows to highlight the wireless network name (SSID) you would like to join
  8. Press the blue OK button
  9. Enter the wireless network key, or password
    Tip: Use the onscreen keyboard or if available, the keyboard on the TV remote.
  10. Use up and down arrows to highlight Connect
  11. Press the OK button
  12. Once connected, press the menu button to exit menus

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