You’ll love your DVR§! A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is similar to a standard digital receiver, but it also has a hard drive that can save hours and hours of your favorite shows to watch whenever you want. All with the simple touch of a button and no videotapes!


Watch TV on your schedule – not a network’s. What’s not to love?




 Just DVR it!

  • Watch one program while recording another.

  • Record two shows at the same time.

  • Record the entire season of your favorite show.

  • Set aside a TV night to watch all your favorite programs from the previous week

DVR Tutorial    Self Install Guide

Video Equipment

Pause, rewind, fast-forward and record all your favorite programs. Plus, access to HD** and On Demand programming, Pay-Per-View and 46 Digital Music channels. $16.00 per mo.
Includes access to an Interactive Program Guide, On Demand and HD** programming, Pay-Per-View and 46 Digital Music channels. $8.00 per mo.
Includes access to an Interactive Program Guide, On Demand, Pay-Per-View and 46 Digital Music channels. $4.00 per mo.
Older TVs connected directly to a cable outlet will need to be connected to a Digital Adapter in order to receive your current channels. $2.00 per mo.
A CableCard is a discrete solution for compatable TVs. $4.00 per mo.


HDTV Picture vs Analog Picture

Crisper, Clearer, Better Picture

If you haven’t seen High Definition television yet, you should. But we have to warn you. Once you see it,
you’ll have to have it. It packs more detail into the picture due to more lines of resolution. It’s just like being there live.

More HD channels every day

Watch your favorite shows in HD; we have dozens of great HD channels, with more being added all the time. Exciting channels with your favorite programming, including HGTV, The Discovery Channel and so many more! Click here for your HD Channel line-up.

Are you HD ready?

Just because you have a High Definition television doesn’t mean you can see HD programs on every channel. First, you need an HD Receiver, which is available at Midcontinent. HD programming can only be seen on HD channels. Check out the Resource Center for full details on everything you need to know about HD.


Hooking up is easy!*

Just bring your current digital receiver in to your nearest Midcontinent Customer Service Center. We’ll send you home with a DVR – complete with easy hook-up instructions. By hooking up the DVR yourself, you can avoid the standard installation fee. If you prefer, we will gladly schedule a time for a professional installation.              


Self Install Guide


§ DVR not available in all areas. Call 1.800.888.1300 for specific services available in your area.

* DVR service requires a monthly fee. Exchanges must include at least a digital receiver and above. Digital adapters do not apply. 

** HDTV Required